Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Oh Noes It's Teh Furriez

Today I figured I would link some of my favorite places to visit (and usually do so once a day)

(WARNING: some of these are not work safe)
Do Not Click any Red links unless you are 18 or over.

First we have Web Comics:
GUComics - started as an Everquest only comic, he now makes fun of all games and gaming news
WTFComics - a long standing comic following the adventures of a few characters in Everquest.
Housepets! - funny furry comic following a few anthropomorphic house pets.
Original Life - Jay Naylor's newest comic. (not everything on site is work safe)
House of LSD - (Not Work Safe) 3 girls start up a porn company.

I also have a few other things I regularly view:
Knotcast - Furry relationship podcast (Not Work Safe)
Fur Affinity - (mostly work safe until you have an account and tell it to show adult content) a place for furs to share art mostly.


  1. So I'm to understand that you are a furry? :]

  2. no. what would ever give you that impression?

  3. "3 girls start a porn company", that's truly humorous. I updated my blog recently, check it out.

  4. Wow, I enjoyed House of LSD a lot. It's got a good story. I'm glad that it's a story that doesn't revolve around sex jokes or furry jokes and just makes subtle plays on it from time to time. Definitely a good read for the bored.

  5. I've been Reading LSD and Naylor's stuff for awhile, and I'm not even a furry. Still enjoyed it though.

  6. Okay dude, whatever suits you :O