Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Metroid: Other M

Now that the game is finally out I wanted to offer my review of the game.

To start with, on the positive side:
  • The graphics were some of the best on the Wii with only a few glitches that I have found.
  • Game-play was fun and fast paced which is a nice change from the slower prime series
  • Cut scenes were excellent and merged with the game nicely.
  • Controls, while sometimes a little clunky, worked pretty well most of the time.
And on the negative side:
  • The game was too short for me. only took me 3 days to beat it while playing a few hours a day. (total about 4hrs)
  • Storyline, while good, made Samas seem like a wimp
  • A few (around 4-5) times after some cut scenes you were forced to look around for one tiny item on the screen with no indication of what it might be. The bad part of this is that you have to hover your cursor over the item your looking for for a few seconds before the game gives you a hint that your looking at the right item.
overall I give it a 4/5

edit: forgot one negative and one positive about the game heh


  1. I kinda wanted a Wii when i saw this game come out. The action scenes looked a little bit like the action scenes from other action games I've played and it seemed pretty fluid. I don't have a Wii yet, but if I do get one, I think that might be a game I'd try. Good to hear insight from someone other than a game critic.