Saturday, September 18, 2010

Halo Reach

Today I'm going to take a break from programming to review "Halo: Reach".

  In campaign mode, Halo Reach is fast paced, engaging, and fun. The story line is one of the best every seen on a Halo game, and the best there ever will be, since Bungie is no longer going to make them. The characters feel real, and you form real emotional connections to them.

  In multiplayer, the fun gets even better. Bungie went all out in this iteration of the game. Every game type you could want, up to 16 player matches, and an impressive lineup of maps. And, now, matchmaking in both campaign (Bungie has temporarily locked it to prevent "spoilers") and firefight modes.

 Bungie has redesigned the graphics engine for Halo Reach from the ground up to allow them to not only have AA, but also to have huge maps that span miles of terrain. The cutscenes look spectacular in particular and are rendered in the game engine so in co-op you see the player that did the best in the last round as "number 6". But dont worry that your XBox cant handle the AA, because the engine will turn it off if it needs to, in order to maintain a good frame rate.

 The new control scheme takes a little getting used to if you didn't use "bumper jumper" in Halo3, but all the classic configurations are available if you don't like the new one. But, no matter which you pick, the controls never feel clunky and there is always a setting that will be comfortable to you.

Overall: 10 out of 10.


  1. Wow it's refreshing to see a post in which some effort has clearly been put in. Thanks for the read.

    (I made a typo first time round)

  2. I always put effort into my posts.

  3. I wanna try the game now :3 Good post

  4. Never really was interested in Halo, don't think I ever will be.

  5. Ehhh still don't like reach. Sorry >.<

  6. Reach is awesome. Love the multiplayer.

  7. showing some luv. awsome game

  8. haha... Halo reach multiplayer is just halo 3 + reach equipment

  9. ....halo getting 10/10?

    Might have to but this one...

  10. @Final Fantasy XIV Fan
    actually its not. they revamped both the netcode and the graphics engine, they changed the hit detection system back to the H2 method (reducing noticable lag issues) and a bunch of other various tweaks.