Saturday, August 28, 2010

History 101

I figured today I could share some of my back story. (picture unrelated)

I grew up in Arkansas of all places. Most people try to pin being gay on not having enough paternal influence, but my father was always there for me. He wasn't able to work, as he had to take care of my mother who had lost both kidneys before she was 16, so we lived off of government money.

By the age of 5 he had taught me how to read, write, do basic math, and had started teaching me to program. It was only Q-Basic (on a Commodore 64), but It was still pretty fun to get the computer to do what I wanted. I quickly branched out and now know quite a few languages. C, C++ (6.0 and .Net standards), Visual Basic, JavaScript, HTML/DHTML/XML, CSS, etc.

Having grown up in Arkansas, I didn't have access to any good computer courses through high school so I had to teach myself as even my dad only knew the tiniest bit of C. Through FBLA in high school I had won a few awards (1st in state for visual basic programming, and 5th in nationals) but mostly my talents went unnoticed.

When I finally moved out and went to college, things got more interesting. I worked at the University's Geographic Information Systems division as a programmer (really a webmaster mostly but I did work on stuff other than the websites). During my stay at college I had stumbled upon this group of social outcasts much like myself and found the community to be quite friendly. Only later did I find out that most of the internet hates furries.

That's enough history for now (which was the only class I've ever failed. lol) so until next time. Have fun.