Saturday, November 13, 2010

iPod touch

I got a new iPod touch 4g a few days ago and found a few apps that make blogging a lot more convenient so I will probably (hopefully) be posting more. And seeing how my last post was about a month ago, that's a good thing I think.

So, after years of bashing apple without ever having owned anything from them, I now have a reason to hate and, to a lesser extent, like them. First, on the iPod, for the most part it is awesome although the auto-correct feature is sometimes annoying. The only bad part so far is iTunes.

For example, if you download an app then decide your in a hurry and don't want to copy the app to your computer during the sync, iTunes decides you must not like it and uninstalls it from the iPod.

Hopefully, with any luck my mood won't change and I'll make a real post tonight after work.

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